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28 Days Later(2002)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


The Days are numbered.

I knew Animal Activists were good for nothing! Not only are they annoying and only seem to complain but they also have a tendancy of breaking into research labs, attempting to free monkeys and releasing deadly virus’ upon the human race!  God damn them!  Damn them to hell! 

Twenty Eight Days Later... Let’s start with 28 days before.  Animal rights group breaks into a research lab where a bunch of apes are infected with a deadly virus known as the “Rage”.  Instead of freeing the silly monkeys they end up releasing the deadly virus Rage from the walls of a labratory and into the open world where it’s spreads like wild fire through the human population.  Within seconds of becoming infected, humans quickly get a little upset and start eating each other.  Similar to one of those Sorority Girl XXX Websites.

The movie teases us with the gory details but we’re all smart enough to figure out what happens. Mass chaos!  Next thing we know, our star of the film, Jim, wakes up in a hospital room alone and the sub-title 28 Days Laters appears on the screen.  Jim leaves the now vacant hospital and goes out trying to figure out what has happened.  He doesn’t find alot of answers but does come across alot of Pepsi, Mars bars and a couple of other human survivors named Mark and Selena. After visiting Jim’s house and having a couple run ins with the ‘infected’, Jim and now only Selena find a man and his daughter who have heard radio broadcasts of the British Army who promise shelter from the Infected and even a cure.  They decide to take the risk of travelling through Britain and finding the Army Base and that’s when the real fun begins. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that things don’t go quite as planned once they reach the Army base. All of a sudden the Infected aren’t their only problem. 

I really enjoyed this flick. Didn’t really have much new to offer other than the fact that Zombies were named Infected and instead of walking around in slow motion mumbling “brainssss”, they were actually quite fast and puked alot.  Gotta like that.  The movie reminded me alot of Dawn of the Dead and Day of Dead all wrapped up in one. The first part of the movie was more on the Dawn of the Dead side and then when they reach the army base it was like Day of the Dead(the whole army resistance thing).

What struck me the most about 28 Days Later was the great acting, the kick ass music(very creepy) and the last 15-20 minutes where Jim goes Ape-Shit! That alone is enough for me to grant it 4 lobsters.  It had style and kept me interested.  Not many ‘zombie’ movies can do that for me.

Henry's Comments

 "28 Days Later Reloaded - Pamela Anderson breaks into KFC Chicken Farm and infects thousands of chickens with Hep-C!  Stay down Bitch!  Finger Licking Good!"