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28 Weeks Later(2007) - Bluray High Def Review

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High Definition(Bluray) Video Quality

Pretty damn good picture quality.  Dark scenes are very detaled with a spec of grain, indoor scenes are a tad soft at times but outdoor scenes, which make up most of the flick are outstanding. Amazing detail and colors. The spitting blood looks so real you can almost feel it haha!  Audio wise, this disc rocks as well.  Great movie to crank in the dark. Solid Bluray movie and highly recommended.

Movie Review

28 weeks later, people are slowly allowed back into the country to try and turn things back into normal. Well normal as it gets with a UN force led by the United States... movie takes a quick stab at the US Occupation in Iraq... im not here to be political so lets move on...

A father who has survived the infectious outbreak is brought together with his children and they hope to start a new life.  The father who barely survived the infected, left his poor wife behind and belives she is dead. Turns out that she is not dead, the children find her in the desserted city hiding in their old house. Turns out that she was attacked by the infected and carries the virus but has not turned into a blood thirsty maniac like the rest.

So basically she is held in a medical shelter and you can likely guess what happens... the virus spreads and all hell breaks loose and boy does it ever. I think I prefer 28 Weeks Later to 28 Days Later.  Its just insane. You have no time to catch your breath with non-stop action and the coolest musical score ever, also used in the first film.

So get yourself a Bluray player for your HDTV, pop this disc in and enjoy. Easily one of the best horror flicks in the last few years.  I cant wait for whats next... of course they left it open for another sequel!!!

Henry's Comments

 Only bad thing I can say... no titties!"