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30 Days of Night(2007)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters(First 90 minutes) :


Rating out of 5 possible lobsters(Last 23 minutes):

What started off pretty good, ended like a piece of shit.  I have no idea what the fuck this was about and donít really even care.  It rips off several movies, which I will list later on.

Ok yeah so here we are, small town Alaska, it gets dark and next thing we know we have a group of badly casted Ďvampiresí killing everyone in sight. Quickly there are just a half dozen survivors and we watch them jump from one location to another, for no good reason, just surviving, trying to get passed the 30 days of darkness... incase you never heard... Vampires, even in this movie, appear to hate the sunlight! Oh and Maryjane heat lamps. How clever!  The gore is fantastic!  I will give it that.  Itís certainly not scary but it delivers the red stuff in a big way! And any movie that decapitates a 10 year old girl, ok she was a vampire, gets my approval. Ok maybe I am sick, but when I see something so unexpected in a movie I just love it.  And well... itís just a movie!

What really ruined this for me was the last 23 minutes, as stated by my lobsters above.  Why anyone would turn themselves into a vampire with 10 minutes before dawn to fight back is beyond me.  Josh, maybe it was bad timing... but couldnít of you wanted 10 more minutes?  It would have been ok!  Oh and that head Vampire, worst lead bad guy since Blade 3!  Seriously, the guy was retarded, I donít even think he was in make up.  I think they just invited him on the set and let him act natural with his special friends.

ANYWAY!  The movies this ripped off(Iím likley forgetting a few dozen):


Dead Birds

Pitch Black

Dawn of the Dead Remake

The Foresaken


Henry's Comments

 "Normally I hate kids in movies, but if youíre going to decapitate them I guess itís ok.  Just do it before they have to say anything or get themseleves into a situation where they have to be resued by a dog or elderly character who gets fucked up trying to save a life!"