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Five out of five lobsters baby!  I havenít been this surprised by a movie since I saw House of the Devil(Review pending).  Absentia was made on a budget of around 70k and you would never know it from watching it. The acting and appearance of the film scream healthy budget but itís not the case at all.

A woman, Tricia, whoís husband went missing 7 years ago, is trying to move on and is finalizing the paper work to get the official death certificate. She is now pregnant and has her sister(Callie) comes to stay with her as she deals with the reality that her missing husband is officially dead(on paper anyway). Tricia has hallucinations of her missing husband Daniel up until the point where she gets the death certificate in the mail.  The next time she think she sees him, well she really does as he shows up for real.  Heís battered and bruised and doesnt know where heís been. It turns out there has been other mysterious disappearances in the area, thereís a walking tunnel that seems to be linked to the strange things have happened.

Absentia is one of those great movies that keeps your interested with a great story/acting and slowly builds up to a terrific climax and anti-climax. At a high level, the story is pretty straight forward but thereís some side story stuff with past drug abuse by the sister Callie, Tricia carrying a baby belonging to the cop who was on her husbandís missing persons case and a questionable serial killer type dude down the street that makes everyone wonder what is really going on... complexity stuff you donít see in many movies with a good sized budget let along a low budget one.

For what it is, Absentai is an amazing low budget movie that iím glad I stumbled upon. Check it out.

Henry's Comments

 "Iím giving Triciaís preggo boobs a ĎHustlerí Full Erection Rating."