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American Psycho(1999)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Do yourself a big favor everyone! Rent American Psycho! Invite the Grandmother over, your girlfriend's parents and make a big impression! This movie is right up with Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer!  Christian Bale is headed for big things. The theatre was pretty empty when I went and I think I was the only person laughing the whole way through. Everyone was probably wondering what my story was :) Oh well... They just don't appreciate good movies I guess! He's reason alone to go watch this! Classic one liner after one liner, not to mention very good taste in music! I've never seen anyone get slain while Huey Lewis played in the background before. Gotta love that! Movie offers unforgettable one liners, good 80s music, sex and some pretty cool gore! I don't want to give anything away so that's all i'm going to say! Rent it now!!! HMTS Approved!!! Best cheese money can rent! You won't be let down!

Henry's Comments

 "I have to go return some videos! I think I will call you Sabrina! Christa get on all four's! So many great tracks to choose from!"

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