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American Psycho 2 - All American Girl(2002)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta Do"

If you're expecting a great sequel to the outstanding American Psycho with everyone's favorite crazy man Patrick Bateman you may want to take a rain-check. But if you want to see a great off the wall horror comedy that doesn't take itself too serious than I recommend checking out American Psycho 2! Just forget  that's it's suppose to be a sequel, sit back and watch the sexy Rachael Newman whoop some college kid ass!

I gotta say I really enjoyed this flick. Mila Kunis(Rachael) is very hot, easy on the eyes and hey William Shatner is in this bad boy!!! That's reason alone to give this flick 3 lobsters! His performance as Professor Robert 'Bobby' Starkman is Oscar worthy if you ask me haha!

The plot... Rachael has managed to get herself into a top rated college that she hopes will  pave a path for her to get into the FBI. Ironically Rachael is nuts! After killing off Patrick Bateman(my hero from part 1) as a child (during a bad hanging with the Babysitter incident), she has flown off her rocker herself and has become a serial killer. Rachael has dedicated her life to getting into the FBI and won't let anything or anyone  stand in her way. Including her Professor, Shrink or classmates!!!

What I hated most about this movie was that they attempted to use Patrick Bateman!!! They should have  just left everything alone from the first movie and started fresh. There was no need to have Rachael kill Patrick Bateman in the beginning. Firstly, it makes the first movie make no sense whatsoever having Bateman  as a real serial killer and the rest of the sequel doesn't depend on using Bateman's 'legacy' as a premise!!!  There's plenty here to make All American Girl float! It's entertaining, funny at times, has William Shatner,  lots of creative death scenes(condom strangulation!) and keeps you interested until the end with it's sillyness and far fetched plot.

Bottom line is don't take American Psycho 2 overally serious and DO NOT expect a true sequel to American Psycho!  If you can do that I think you'll find plenty to enjoy.

Henry's Comments

 "I like this crazy bitch! Rachael if you're reading, you can strangle me with a condom anyday!"