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Black Roses(1988)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Awesome! Rock N Roll horror movie! Awww yeah! Are you ready to rock? Are you ready to  see a really horrible horror movie? Stand on your feet I can't hear you!

A band called Black Roses makes a stop into a small town to play their tunes for their die hardfans! Dream come true for the town's red neck population.  Little do they know that the Black Roses are actually a group of demons who possess their fans with their awful 80s metal music! After listening to their  tunes the locals become demons themseleves and take over the town and kill everyone in sight. The parents of the town tried to stop Black Roses from coming to their quiet little town to perform but that saying You Can't Stop Rock N Roll is in full effect! Wow sounds like a pretty good movie doens't it! NOT!

Seeing is believing! This is one bad movie. When I found out that the lead teenager fan was named  Johny and wore a jean jacket and ripped jeans I knew this was going to be God awful. He's a rebel without a cause and a cliche within so many bad movies all in one! The name Johny has certainly been over used over the years for troubled punk characters! How  about using another name from now on like Carlton... That Carlton, he's wandered down the wrong road.  If he can't find any trouble then there is none! Ok maybe not... Johny it is!

If you're really into 80's metal(the song in the movie is actually a song by Lizzy Borden called "Me Against the World") and like T&A you may enjoy this flick. There's plenty of both! There's one scene where a girl is feeling her breasts in the mirror which seemed to go on forever.

Highlight of the movie for myself was watching someone's dad get eaten by a pair of speakers.  He was trying to turn down Black Roses music but the stereo had other ideas!  That is pure gold!

Henry's Comments

 "Speakers don't kill people...I do!"