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Blade 2(2002)

- Review by T-Dawg

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


 "Know the mark!"

Wesley Snipes had a lot at stake (another awful PUN) trying to build Blade into a classic horror franchise. The original “Blade” had a kick ass story, a solid supporting cast, and action sequences that rivaled the Matrix. As far as comic book to flick films go this is on par with the first two Batman movies. I am not setting this up as stake through the heart criticism of the sequel but it does not meet the lofty expectations set by the original. The villains also had extremely large fangs to fill in place of Steven Dorff who was brilliant in the first installment. Also in supporting roles Donal Logue was excellent as the comic relief Sidekick to Dorff and who could forget the cameo of ex-porn star Tracy Lords.

 The plot to “Blade 2” basically boils down to Blade’s arch enemies, the vampires proposing an alliance to hunt down the latest creature to climb the evolutionary ladder which feed on vampires. The Reapers look like the off spring of the original Nosferatu with one exception there jaw splits open like a Venus fly trap and have the suction of a Shop Vac. Believe me they bring new meaning to sucking face. Like all of Blade’s enemies they have seen Crouching Tigger Hidden Dragon and had Billy Blanks as a personal trainer (Tae-Bo for the lamen).

 Blade has a new weapons specialist because Whistler bit the bullet in Blade (or did he?). Eventually Whistler is back and revamped and just in time to provide the blood transfusion the movie needed (I couldn’t imagine the movie without him). I appreciated the clever use of the flash back and explanation to bring him back into the story. This also leads to tension between Whistler and the appropriately named Scud. My only criticism of the action sequences would be the one where two members of the Blood pack make a Cirque Du Soleil entrance and they are for the most part clearly CGI.

 As for the Blood Pack we don’t really get to know the members of the team but what we do know is that they are the secret service of the vampire under world trained to hunt down and kill Blade. The tension between their leader (Ron Pearlman – Excellent performance) and Blade is played up for most of the movie for laughs effectively. It is well worth the wait when they finally get to square off at the end. To complicate things further Blade has a love interest and she happens to be a member of the Blood Pack and her father is the head of the Vampire Chapter of Europe.

 In this film Blade seems to all but abandon his human side and embrace his vampire half. This all comes about through his complicated relationship with Nyssa. The director Guillermo del Toro does an excellent job of embracing the comic book look and atmosphere and allows Snipes take the character to the next level. All in all it is a solid film to experience at the theatre and the final battle at the end of the film is an excellent payoff. My hat goes off to the WWF style of fighting which was refreshing as a glass of holy water. “Blade 2” satisfied my blood lust and then some I give it 4 lobsters.

Henry's Comments

 "This movie was missing a key element from the first... Traci F'ing Lords! Needed more blood sucking sluts!"