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Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2(2000)

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I must admit I had subpar expectations going into Blair Witch 2 the other night. I knew it had little to do with the first movie and that it starred a bunch of teenager type people that you would expect to see in an Urban Legends sequel(*groan*)! To my surprise this was a very well put together movie that really got captured my imagination and managed to creep me out several times. Most  importantly though it had a very interesting story and the acting was superb! Wasn't overally scary by any means  but had some great creepy parts and kept you guessing until the end and actually after the end as well about what really happened during the movie.

So right now ALOT of you who read this review are saying that I don't know what I'm talking about. Making comments like "What movie did he goe see?!?! Wasn't the same BW2 I saw!!!". Save it! You were probably out to hate the movie from the get go! Well before you sat your ass down in the theatre, just as you cracked open that can  of Diet Fresca and two boxes of Cracker Jacks you got in the 2 for a dollar bin at your local Discount Store that  you snuck into the theatre because you're fucking cheap, just as you put your arm around your dumb as a doorknob girlfriend... who weighs about the same as a Russian economy car with a full tank of gas and who you only date because she has no self esteem and will give you head in front of a door length mirror with strobe lights, just as the credits open... it all starts... You have it set in your mind that Blair Witch 2 will suck and simply don't give it a fair shot!!!

An ex-mental hospital patient(Jeff) who runs a web site( takes four fans(Gothic Girl - Kim,  Wiccan Witch - Erica, Die Hard BWP fans - Kristen and her boyfriend Stephen) of the first  Blair Witch movie into the woods of Burkitsville, Maryland for a tour of the area. They spend the night  at the foundation where the footage of first film was found burried. Sometime through the night they all black out and wake up mentally shaken and in the midst of a mess(equipment missing, possessions torn apart...etc) which they can not explain. A roller coaster of strange events and chilling flash images follows as they five  try and find out what has happened to them during the period of time when they had all blacked out. This leads to alot of finger pointing and mistrust between the group. Is the curse of the Blair Witch to blame for what is happening?!?! Honestly  you just don't know. The movie ends without answering any questions about the Blair Witch Myth itself. It leaves you hanging and wondering if what happened during the movie was a result of something supernatural or rather something  psychotic.

Overall a great horror movie! Didn't have the Scooby Doo ending like most of today's horror films where  in the end they explain who did what and why because of who...  Keep an eye out for this Kim girl!!! Damn what a hotty! I'm digging the gothic look!!! Is there anything creepier then baby cries in the woods in total darkness? Creeps me out everytime!!!

Awwww yeah so if you ain't down with the HMTS review of BW2 we all got three words for ya!


                                                       Tom Cruise - Magnolia

Henry's Comments

 "Could have used some more sex. Kim take it off!"