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Blair Witch Project(1999)

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Why are their people out there that have a problem with this movie? Is it because they can't handle being  scared or maybe the Blair Witch Project is simply over their head? Who knows. All I know is that  the Blair Witch Project is the ONLY movie that has ever frightened me and kept me up at night for any period of time.

I will admit that the first time I saw this movie I had no idea that the legend of the Blair Witch was fake. I knew the movie had to be fiction but I thought at least that the myth of the Blair Witch itself was somewhat legit. I was sort of disappointed to discover that there was no such a thing of the Blair Witch Myth but still, this is one kick ass scary movie!

Three student film makers embark on a trip into the woods of Burketsville, MD to shoot a documentary about the Myth of the Blair Witch. Basically we have one hour plus movie of three people slowly going crazy! I'm sure we all know the story by now... Heather, Josh and Mike, who all play themseleves, were stuck in the woods and told to shoot some footage while the people behind the Blair Witch Project created the movie on the fly. The realism of the acting by Heather, Josh and Mike is amazing. Not  knowing what was going to happen to them would ultimately put them in a situation where the movie  they were shooting would somewhat become reality to them. Hence their incredible emoition during  the movie!

This has to be one of the most original movies ever created. From start to finish it paves it's own  paths and doesn't resort to any detours down anyone else's road but it's own. Anyone who has spent some  spooky nights in the woods with some friends should really get sucked into this film. It reminded me so much of being a teenager drunk in the woods and being pissed scared of every strange sound I heard.  It may sound kind of cheesy but I could really feel myself in the woods with the people in this movie.  I think that is why it hit me so hard.

My favorite part of the Blair Witch Project has to be the ending. What happens at the end is totally in line with the Blair Witch Myth. Just pay attention to the opening scenes where they talk to some locals  about the Blair Witch. One of the locals mentions exactly the situation Heather and Mike find  themselves in at the end and it really blew me away!

Overall a killer flick! Probably the best scary movie I have ever seen and will probably ever see. It's not often that something so purely scary comes around. The acting makes the film.  Everyone says... "oh that Heather was so annoying...". Well so what! You mean you don't know a bitch like that in real life?

If you dug the Blair Witch Project make sure you check out the Curse of the Blair Witch and  Blair Witch 2. Both are interesting additions to the Blair Witch tale. Also, check out the  Blair Witch Project DVD for a very cool commentary by the makers of the movie.

Henry's Comments

 "What's up with Heather's huge forehead?"

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