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Bless the Child(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


 Pick up a copy of the Exorcist and End of Days then check out Bless the Child. You will quickly notice that  Bless the Child is a rip of both films. End of Days was bad enough so imagine a movie  that copies it and think of how great that movie must be!  Movies that try and combine religion  and horror really bother me. They always try to be all dark and gloomy and  end up being absolutely stupid. The acting was very bad, Kim Basinger was awful. This was  the sort of movie I try and make it through without slipping into a coma. All I can say is avoid it. There is nothing appealing here at all to see. It's all been done before and that isn't a good thing believe me. It's called beating a dead horse that was already a  rotting corpse the first time it was beaten. Did that make sense? Who cares!

Henry's  Comments

  "Hey, whoever the kid is in the flick... I recommend a career in straight to video movies such as Problem Child 3 or Cop and a Half 2"