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The Blob(1958) - Yes it's old, but what the hell...IT SUCKS! The bulk of the budget for this film was spent on cherry jello. Here it goes...a meteor falls from space...a couple and some old guy see it land somewhere in woods...the old guy finds it and cracks it open...the blob is gets on the old guys hand and the couple finds him and brings him to the hospital...the blob grows all over the old guy and eats him up...blob gets bigger...eats more people...attacks people in a movie theater...attacks people in a resturant...the people in the town freeze it and then the blob is air lifted to the is over. You could break this movie into 2 parts. The first part is an extended episode of Happy Days and the rest(10 minutes of it) is the horror part. This movie is nothing but a bunch of bad acting, slicked haired, car driving 50's jack asses. The part of the movie that pissed me off the most was the ending. They freeze the blob and then someone says the army is coming to air lift it. All it shows is a parachute landing in a bunch of snow with THE END is big letters coming across the screen followed by a question mark. Very dissapointing! Anyway yeah it's old and I only paid 6 bucks for it so what the hell.