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The Blob(1988)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Now this is a classic! Probably the best remake that I have erver seen. This is the sort of movie  that benefitted from a remake simply because of technology. The 1958 version just couldn't generate the sort of  picture and effects that the 1988 version produces. What's funny is that if they remade it once again in 2001, I bet it would suck because they would use cgi and well it would look way too cartoon-ish like most movies these days.

A meteor falls from sky landing just outside a small town. It's discovered by a local hermit who makes the mistake of getting to close to the meteor. A pinkish substance(the blob!) jumps from the rock  and attaches itself to the man's hand. Brian Flagg(the local rebel), Paul Taylor(Mr football star) and Meg(the cheerleader prep) find the hermit andtake him to the local hospital. From there the blob on the man's hand starts to grow and devour everything in it's path. Eventually a team of biological  scientists led by Dr Meadows show up in the town and it turns out that the blob is actually a US Military experiment. It's purposes is for one of biological warfare. It was created to benefit  the United States during the Coldwar against the Russians.  When the blob gets out of control and the scientists can't contain it, it's up to Brian Flagg and the locals to stop it's path of detruction before it's too late!

Pretty cool plot if you ask me. Loved the Coldwar explanation. This is a pretty cool movie all around! Has the good plot, some decent acting, the blob(which kicks ass) and some wicked violence and gore!  It's 1:30+ of pure campy horror entertainment. My only complaints are the last 30 minutes went on way too long and a couple of kids almost ruined the movie by acting too much. One of them got brutally killed by the blob anyway so justice was served! Never let kids act in horror movies! Espcially during chase scenes! One other minor complaint is the fact that the scientists created the blob but they didn't know how to stop it.  I found that to be a flaw in the story. You would think they would know how to contain their own creations. It didn't take much in the end to stop the blob once people figured it out.

I once owned the movie poster for this movie back in 1988! Had it on my bedroom wall but then I moved once and lost it. Easily the best movie poster I have ever owned!

Henry's Comments

 "Was Rosanne the blob? I better check the Internet Movie Database."