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Bride of Chucky(1998)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"Chucky Gets Lucky"

Does John Ritter ever do a bad movie? Don't answer that question! Maybe he has done a few lemons... Ok he has done tons of lemons but Bride of Chucky is certainly not one of them!

Chucky is back! Curtiousy of his long lost girl friend Tiffany(Jennifer Tilly) who steals Chucky's badly battered doll body from the police unsolved department. With a little  help from a 'Voodoo for Dummies' book she is able to revive Chucky but things go a bit sour and Chucky ends up turning Tiff into a doll as well. Meanwhile, a couple, Jesse and Jade plan on running away from home to get married to escape home and Jade's uncle Chief Warren Kincaid(John Ritter) who is making the couple's life a living hell. Jesse and Jade find a letter from Tiff asking them to take two dolls from her place up to Jersey where they are to be delievered at a graveyard(the two dolls are of  course Chucky and Tiff). Chucky's real body is burried at this graveyard. He needs a piece of jewerly that he was burried with in order for him to turn himself and Tiff into real people once again. So the road trip begins! Most of the movie is about Jesse and Jade running from the law because of stuff that Chucky and Tiff are  doing to people behind their backs. They think Jade's Uncle is after them for something that happened earlier in the movie but really they are after them for that and the trail of blood that Chucky and Tiff are leaving behind.  It's not until Jesse and Jade discover that Chucky and Tiff are actually living dolls and that they are doing all the killing that everything makes sense to them. Well maybe not everything. Hard to understand how two dolls come to life and go on a killing spree... but anyway.

This was one kick ass movie! It had it all! Decent story, decent acting, lots of laughs, lots of creative killings and of course John Ritter! Haha! All it was missing was Jennifer Tilly  taking her clothes off!

My favorite part of the movie had to be when Jesse and Jade's best friend jumps out in front of a  18-wheeler and explodes all over the front of it! Damn that was nasty! Not to be missed!  Also the sex scene between Chucky and the Doll version of Jennifer Tilly was a good hoot. Chucky doesnt need no rubber!

There is suppose to be sequel to follow Bride of Chucky called The Seed of Chucky but I don't think  there is even a script right now. Not an approved one anyway. Hopefully the movie will be made within the  next couple of years. Stay tuned!

Henry's Comments

 "Jennifer Tilly = Cock Tease!"