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Cabin by the Lake(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


Judd Nelson plays a screen writer named Stanely is slightly off his rocker. Instead of using his imagination in writing a piece called "Garden of Flesh" where a mad killer  drowns innocent girls in a lake, he takes it a step further and plays the killer himself and decides to drown girls so he can experience their fear and be able to write an accurate horror flick.

Well I must say I really liked the plot of Cabin by the Lake but the movie was hampered by way too many horror cliches, a so-so looking lead lady and a very dumb Sheriff!

How many horror movies take place in a small community where there's a Sheriff trying to figure out why all of a sudden a bunch of girls are missing. Soon he finds himself falling for the lead  girl(and in this movie let me say that boy could have done much better!) and trying to track down a killer  who usually ends up being someone he knows and would have never suspected! It's happened way to many  times and once again it happens in Cabin by the Lake.

I felt the killer was way to obvious and the fact that no one could figure out who he was during 90% of the movie was insulting to me the viewer. The guy kidnaps a girl in the middle of a street after smashing  her car for Christ's sake! Come on Mr Sheriff. I'm sure a small town Nova Scotian police force could have  figured this out! "Well we know a car driven by the young missing lady was struck by this van and the tracks lead straight to this 'cabin by the lake'. We better call for backup... Who's turn for a coffee run?" -  Sheriff Dohnut.

Overall this morning wasn't horrible but it certainly could have been alot better. The idea of the killer having a garden of dead bodies at the bottom of the lake was pretty cool. Really made his character look super crazy. Nelson did a great job of playing Stanely.

There is a sequel out now called 'Return to Cabin by the Lake'. Also a TV made movie.

Henry's Comments

 "He drowns all the hot chicks and the ugly one gets way!  Soemthing doesn't add up!"