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Camp Blood 3-D(1999)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"Wide open with nowhere to run"

Camp Blood 3-D defines what this site is all about! Good cheesy fun, tons of gore, 3-D titty shots,  bad acting, silly plot and to top it off the killer is a Clown running loose in a camping ground! Horror Movies That Suck is pleased to give Camp Blood the top 5 Lobster rating! Well the 3-D version anyway!

Basically all this movie is about is some crazy person dressed up as a clown who slaughters  everyone who dares to wander the grounds of Camp Blood! Right off the bat we have a horny couple(nice tits on the girl and in 3-D!) slaughtered... thanks for coming out! A couple of hunters... Slaughtered! And then a group of 4 friends decide to take a camping trip to Camp Blood. They ignore the local crazy man who warns them  of the Camp and the Killer Clown but of course they find out that the crazy man wasn't quite so crazy and find them themselves  running for their lives!

Sounds like the Friday the 13th movies doesn't it with Crazy Ralph warning everyone about Jason! The only  difference is that Camp Blood is way more bloody and most of the killings happen in day light and it shows everything!  Add in the fact that it's all in 3-D and you have yourself one kick ass slasher flick!

NOTE: In order to see the movie in 3-D you must purchase the Razor 3D viewing kit along with the 3-D version of Camp Blood. It's worth it! HMTS CEO gives it 2 thumbs up! You can buy the system and the Camp Blood movie by clicking HERE or on the image above.

Henry's Comments

 "Ohhhh baby... 3D tits! Henry is happy!"