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Cemetary Man - Another classic piece of cheese. Ok we have this guy who looks  after and digs graves in a cemetary. Anyone burried in this graveyard for some reason or another comes back to life as a zombie(7 days or less after they are burried) and the only way to kill them  is by splitting their heads. There is tons of gore and plenty of laughs in this one.  The cemetary man falls in love with a girl who's husband was just layed to rest in the  cemetary and he ends up doing her on his grave and of course it happens to be the 7th day  so of course he comes out of his grave and catches them in the act. The movie never really had a point.  It was just about people being killed and then rising back from the grave and getting their heads split open. In one part a busload of people are killed along with a couple of bikers in an accident and they  are all burried you know where and of course they all raise at once and it turns into a  Rambo movie with the cemetary man shooting them all in the head left and right. This movie  was totally screwed up and didn't make much sense to me. At one point he went and almost got his penis cut off because this other girl he falls in love with doesn't want to have sex. Instead he takes some drug to prevent old Woody from pecking and after that his girl decised she wants to have sex and now needs  someone who can raise to the occasion. And of course don't let me forget cemetary man's co-worker...he's retarded and weighs about 500 pounds...anyway he ends up falling in love with a girl who later dies and he digs her up so he can have her after she comes back from the dead...well her head anyway, it sort of fell off when he tried to get her out of her coffin. Overall it's a very weird and insane movie. Kind of reminds me of Dead Alive.