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Cherry Falls(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


"Lose your innocence - or lose your life"

Virgin teens from the small town of Cherry Falls are getting knocked off one by one! The question is why is this happening in the quiet town of Cherry Falls and why are all the victims virgins? It is because something happened to the killer that would twist them enough to make them target virgins? Ohhhhh I wonder.

The plot of the movie is pretty simple. A high school teenager named Jody, has a father Brent who is the Sheriff of Cherry Falls. Anyway... Back when he was a teenager, him and three of his buddies raped an  outsider girl named Laura Sherman. So now is modern times, a strange killer is on the lose killing virgins who happens to fit the description of Laura Sherman. Is Laura back for revenge for her rape?  How do the teens of Cherry Falls survive? Well they decide to have a sex party called Pop Your Cherry. This way they won't be virgins and the killer won't bother with them. Well  hopefully that big bad killer won't spoil the party...

This was one off the wall flick. Everything from a killer who only kills virgins to the sex party  at the end organized by a bunch of young teenage girls. The bad thing about Cherry Falls is how predictable the movie is. You will know who the killer is once you lay your eyes on him/her. The good thing is that it's very bloody and has a very cool  80's slasher feel to it. It reminded me alot of the countless 80's high school slasher flicks. The acting was pretty  decent as well. All the actors have been seen in something or other. Most noteably Jay Mohr as Jody's teacher Leonard. He's been in Go and Pay It Forward.

Anyway, to wrap up... If you want to see a slasher that has a few new things to offer you may want to check this out. The deaths alone are worth the rental price. Especially near the end where the killer invades the sex party. Lots of half naked teens getting mangled all at once. Gotta love it!

Anyone know why this is part of a double DVD bill with Terror Tract?

Henry's Comments

 "Cherry Falls... Losing virginity... Pretty clever title for such an unclever movie!"