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Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Ok here is my revised review of this low budget crap-a-thon. I'll get straight to the's old and it sucks. A director and 5 actors are on some stupid cursed island. The director has them there to practice witch craft and to play scary tricks on them. He pretends to say a spell that will raise the ends up working and the dead do rise. The cool thing about this movie was the fact that it didn't contain any typical horror movie happenings...everyone dies and there is no suspense. After the zombies awake they surround the cabin everyone is staying in and they end up killing everyone in like 20 minutes. The movie is 85 minutes long(under 90 minutes equal cheese galore) and the first 60 minutes were just damn boring! You get to see some really cool hippies in this movie. We're talking multi-colored-stripped bell bottoms, afros and side burns that you could lose your hands in. Everyone looked like they just got back from a guest appearance of the TV show Taxi! As far as the acting goes it was much better then I thought it would be...well except for one guy who was scared in the graveyard and kept saying "I just peed my pants" over and over again. As for the zombies something was different in this movie...they were actually smart and could actually move normal. The ending is pretty dumb...after the zombies kill everyone they steal the boat the others used to get to the island and head for the city. Well since this movie was from 1972 and there still hasn't been a sequel I guess it's safe to say the zombies hit an ocean storm on their boat ride and landed on Giligan's Island. Ever wonder what happened to Skipper and Giligan??? Now you know.