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Children of the Corn - If you ever want to make someone piss themself by putting their hand in a glass of warm water while they're asleep you should just invite them over to watch this movie. On the shelf of my local video store there were 5 parts of Children of the Corn and they all said the same thing on the front..."Based on a short story by Steven King". Well that's a good way to get people to rent them but after seeing the first one I'm never renting 2, 3, 4 or 5! Any movie that stars children will suck! Why you may ask? Simple...not much bad language...not much nudity or sexuality...not much gore and worst of all, really bad acting! There are only 2 adults in this movie. They hit one of the kids(he ws trying to escape the other kids) and then look for help in the town the kids have taken over. Ok so anyway the 2 growns walk around in this adult deserted town, run into trouble with the kids, they take the woman and prepare to sacrifice her, the guy adult saves her before the sacrifice, some monster comes out of the shy and kicks some kiddy ass, movie ends! I'm sure there was more inbetween but I must have blocked the terrible experince out of my head sorry. Anyway this movie is very boring and I can't believe people call it a classic. Classic cheese maybe, there was nothing great about this film. It certainly wasn't scary simply because the kids could not act and it was always day time except for a couple of parts. The only way I would find this movie scary is if I found out one of the kids was mine! Damn! Overall a 'CORN'y movie!