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Children of the Corn 2 The Final Sacrifice(1992)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



'These Children are alone too. But their parents are never coming back'. Nice tagline! Must have taken months to come up with that! Trying to cash in on the success of Home Alone. Pretty sad!

This is not a good movie. I really wanted to give it a one lobster rating but couldn't. I will explain why a little later on.

Children of the Corn 2 picks up where part one left off. It's nice to see that part 2 has something to do  with it's predecessor but of course sequels are never as good as the original. Especially in horror! The bodies of all the parents killed in the first film as discovered by the authorities in the little town called Gatlin. The children who  remain in Gatlin are gathered up and given to people in the next town over who feel bad for them and who want to give them a place to stay. A tabloid writer named John, who is passing through town with  his son Danny, decides to stay in town and work on a story about the Children of the Corn. As he begins his work on the story one of the children named Micah is starting the war on adults all over again.  A higher level Being labeled as 'he who walks behind the rows' commands Micah and the children that they must stand up against the adults once again and kill them all. Once the murdering of adults starts again it's up to John and Danny with a little help from an Indian friend named Frank Red Bear  to stop the children before it's too late!

Well I hated this the first time I saw it when it was called Children of the Corn(the first one!). It's basically the same story idea but with new characters. It was a fighter trying to get through it's 93 minute run time. The only thing that is different this time around is Indian, Frank Red Bear, who offers us some insight to why the children act the way they do towards adults. There is some old Indian Mythological  explanation about Mother Earth using the children to kill off adults for enviromental reasons and then we have the scientific explanation. Seems there is a toxin that grows on corn  that has been sitting to long that can cause hallucinations, especially in children!  So are the children hallucinating or is there really a spirit that is commanding the children to kill the adults for good reasons? Well  after watching the movie I still don't know. The ending seemed to lean more towards the  spiritual explanation but I'm confused to why they would even bring up the toxin  explanation if it meant nothing in the end. Go figure!

The only thing I did like about this movie was the gore! It had alot of blood and some pretty  crude killings! One guy bleeds to death in Church at the hands on Micah via a Voodoo Doll. I've  never seen so much blood pour from one person in a horror movie! Damn! He was exploding! Also there is a very crude death where an old woman is crushed by her house which is up on stilts and another shot at old ladies when the children cause an elderly woman in a wheel chair to get hit by a truck and go flying through a plate glass window! For a movie that so sucked so bad I must say I was impressed with the creativity of it's  killings! Everytime I almost fell asleep a very cool killing would wake me up! That is why I gave the two lobster rating. The killings are worth checking out if nothing else.

Five sequels have been created since Children of the Corn came out in 1984. The Final Sacrifice(92) was  followed by Part 3(94), Part 4 The Gathering(96), Part 5 Fields of Terror(98) and Part 666 Isacc's Return(99).

This just in! Part 7 Intitled Revelation, is scheduled to be released straight to video sometime in 2001 or 2002.  It is said to be still in 'post-production'. Talk about beating a dead horse. I haven't seen all the Children of the Corn movies but from what I hear they get worse and worse as they go! May as well throw in lucky number 7!

Henry's Comments

 "Children of the Corn... I think the Jollygreen Giant has a lawsuit on his hands! Ho ho ho!"