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Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town - Well the title of this movie got my attention...a bunch of chicks on harleys who call them selves "Cycle Sluts" ride intp the little town and there is a crazy mortician there who is turning all the dead into zombies to do his dirty work for him. This movie is just plain awful! We have a bad acting mortician, a dozen or so cycle sluts, a bus load of blind orphans and a midget starring in it! It's nothing but a circus side show. The bus load of blind orphans had me laughing...what kind of twisted mind would bring that idea into a movie? One line in the movie goes something like "We're blind, we're orphans and now we're about to be killed by zombies, what luck!". The movie really had no story. Sluts on bikes come to town...screw everyone...towns people hate them...try to get rid of them...zombies invade town...sluts save the bus load of blind orphans and midget...trick all the zombies into attending mass at the local church...blow up the ends. But of course one zombie was remaining at the end so look out for "Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town 2"! I hope they are better looking next time! Not all we're ugly but a few were butchy looking. I think they showed up for the wrong movie...the butchy ones were suppose to be in "Chopper Chicks with Dicks in Shemale Town".