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"Warning: Movies Can Kill"

Warning: Cut is a piece of shit! I declare Cut the worst movie I have ever seen where the  director actually tried to make a serious scary movie. Made in the Land Down Under(Australia), a pure  Scream rip off and stars the ever so washed up Molly Ringwald. Sound good yet?

How many horror movies start with a movie within a movie? All of a sudden someone gets slashed by a crazed killer and we hear an acting director yell "CUT!". Yes it happens way too often and we are once again treated to the unoriginal idea once again in Cut.

Cut is about a horror movie called 'Hot Blooded' which was never actually finished because the dude playing the killer in the movie goes crazy and kills the director. From that point on, everytime someone tried to finish or even watch the movie, people surrounding the film get killed.  Sounds like a cool plot idea doesn't it? Well it sort of is. Too bad it all goes to waste at the hands of the  God awful acting!

The daughter of the murdered director takes it upon herself to once again try and finish the shooting of 'Hot Blooded'. She hires a cast, including Ringwald's character who was the original bitch in distress  from the original shooting, a crew and they head to a mansion to finish what her mother started. Once they begin filming, cast and crew members start to get knocked off one by one. Turns out that everytime the movie reels are opened up for Hot Blooded, the spirit of the crazed killer comes to life and tries to make sure that the movie is never finished! I guess the killer didn't want the world to see what a piece of shit Hot Blooded really was. I admire him for that. Anyway... After getting a tip of some local Ying Yang, the members of the film crew realize that the only way to stop the killer is to destroy the original movie reels of 'Hot Blooded'.

At this point I was shaking my head in disbelief at how stupid things were getting.  You'll never guess what happens next! Molly Ringwald is about to get sliced and diced until  the director start to burn the film reels. Then we get that classic weakened killer chasing around the female star while the rest of the cast do their best to take their time buring the reels so they can make the movie 85 minutes long. Finally the reels are destroyed, the killer melts and Dorothy and Toto make it home to Kansas!

Wait, hold the phone! At the end of the movie the reels show up once again, must have been a back up,  and the killer is released once again! Let's look forward to a sequel shall we? Apparently a trilogy was the plan when Cut was started. Hopefully they have dropped the idea!

You really have to see this movie to believe it. I actually read some positive reviews on the net for it and really wonder what those people were thinking now. Turns out they were mostly Australians who obviously don't get to see too many horror movies! There's nothing exciting about having Molly Ringwald shoot a movie in your home country either by the way!

To wrap up, the only positive thing about Cut is the gore. It does offer lots of the red stuff.  Probelm is, it's not shocking or disgusting when you are praying for the movie to end. For those of you that have seen this... what was up with buddy getting the spear through his neck and surving? Amazing  what 2 bandaids can do for a sevre neck injury like that! STUPID!

Henry's Comments

 "In the realm of cuts, Cut is nothing more then a paper cut!"