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Dawn of the Dead(1978) - Bluray High Def Review

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High Definition(Bluray) Video Quality

Well after watching this pretty old flick on Bluray I must say I was impressed.  The picture quality is very clear, very life like and the colors are very good. The reds and very red, picture detail is amazing and the audio isnít bad either!  I really couldnít get over the detail of the characterís hair and faces.  Iíve watched plenty of Bluray and HD DVDs thus far and was really wasnít expecting much with Dawn of the Dead because of itís age, but damn, it passes with flying colors... mainly blood red!!!  I also popped in the Ultimate DVD edition of the movie I had and there was no comparison in picture quality between the Standard DVD and the Bluray Disc. Bluray was a huge improvement.  Night and day difference.

Movie Review

Dawn of the Dead is a classic. Such a great movie with a message. Itís not just about zombies, but about racism, greed and human behavior.  From the Ďslumí type attack opening, to the zombies wandering in the mall to the main characters getting a little too comfy with their safety and wealth, it really sums up humanity very well.  Weíre not very nice people.

I really couldnít help but think of Walmart when watching this movie again.  The people I see there when I go remind me so much of George Romeroís zombies.  Itís kind of scary! We all go there, walk around, usually have fat annoying bitches run into you or block the isles... and so on! 

If you havenít seen the original Dawn of the Dead, get it now! Itís easily the best Zombie flick ever made and is extremely smart as a movie. 

Henry's Comments

 "People getting torn apart by zombies has never looked so good. Henry says, get yourself a Bluray player!"