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Day of the Dead(1985)

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George A Romero and Tom Savini are the men! Day of the Dead is truly a classic horror flick. The third installment in Romero's Dead series. Night of the Living Dead and  Dawn of the Dead are it's predecessors. They don't make them like this anymore. This could easily be the darkest piece of horror created within the last 16-17 years. The catch phrase on the front of the box  summed the film up perfectly. That being 'The Darkest Day of Horror the World Has Ever Known'.

A small group of scientists and military personal are operating in an under ground bunker  where they are trying to research and figure out a way to destroy or rule the undead that walk the earth.  Continuing from Dawn of the Dead, the walking dead now control almost, if not all the free world has we have known it.  The two groups of humans main focus becomes not studying the zombies but simply trying to stay alive from the walking dead and from themseleves as all hell break lose around them in their dark underground confines.

The scientists, lead by a female named Sarah and a mad doctor named Logan(who the military people refer to as Dr Frankenstein) struggle against the odds and the military dictator named Rhodes, in order to  somehow come up with a way to destroy or control the zombies so human existence will not come to an end. Logan and Sarah's work isn't impressing Captian Rhodes and friction begins to develope between the two sides.  Not wanting to wait or listen to what the scientists have to say, Rhodes creates a very unfriendly Hitler style camp where only what he says goes.

In order for the scientists to do work they use real zombies which they get the military to catch for them around the outside parameter of the compound. As Rhodes loses more men from trying to capture zombies and discovers that Dr Logan is using his dead soldiers as guinea pigs for his unusual experiments, he pulls the plug on all research and the war between the scientists and the military erupts. But that's not all. A wacked up  soldier of Rhodes ends up going crazy, gets bitten by a zombie and let's just say he adds some fuel to the fire of the situation by doing the unthinkable! He makes sure the  underground compound is no longer non-zombie proof! Oh yeah! And let's not forget  everyone's favorite zombie Bub! Bub was a test case of Dr Logan's. He had him acting civil and he even developes a real emoitional bond for Dr Logan. What happens when Bub discovers that Rhodes has killed the good doctor? Bub wants revenge! Zombie style!

This is one wild dark ride! The feel of the movie is one of gloom. The characters in the movie are so fucked and they know it. The movie is very deep, deeper then one might think. Several social/human behavioral issues are explored. My hat is off to Mr Romero. This is one solid film!  Like I said earlier you just don't see good movies like this anymore. Everything is solid... The story, the acting... everything! As good as this movie is, it's not for the faint of heart. The gore is unreal.  The last 30 minutes especially. It's an all out blood bath! Enjoy!

Henry's Comments

 "The doctor is in! I recommend amputation! Bub rules!"