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Dead Birds(2004)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


There are worse things than dying

 Guess whos back? Still DRE... nah we still HMTS and there is no Snoop D.O. Double G promoting this mutha! Were back... its 2005, alot has changed since our last update which I believe was Spring 2003.

Lets get on with it... Dead Birds!

Eyes wide shut watching this great flick.  Not often you find a direct to video movie in the horror genre that is one for any good but secondly scary. I can atest that both statements are true.

Dead Birds takes us back to the days of the Civil War, a group of bank robers ride into town, do their thing and end up drawing serious blood.  Being chased by the Authorities they take refuge in an empty plantation house while they wait out a storm before heading south to Mexico.  During the night the gang members each start having strange visions of things that at one time happened in the plantation house.  Add to this the fact that none of them trust each other and they have just stole a whole lot of gold which is to be split equally once they make it to Mexico.  Insanity follows...and things are not what they seem.

Dead Birds doesnt explore any new ground, we have all seen the group of criminals angle before where they are to split money and dont trust each other but the haunted plantation and the effective cheap scares make this one worth while.

Henry's  Comments

  "I liked it, reminded me of Young Guns but with a scarecrow, slaves and a corn field."