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The Dead Hate the Living

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Fast forward the first 20 minutes!!! It's another of those movies!!! Fuck Full Moon Pictures and their advertising! I seem to be renting alot of their movies lately. There is something weird about the movie I rented this time though from Full Moon Pictures... It's actually pretty decent! decent as a movie from can be!  Instaed of a shitty puppet/doll movie, this time we have a good ole zombie movie! The acting is pretty good and the lead guy resembles Ben Stiller! Damn! Had me fooled I thought it was him for a minute...maybe he is his brother or something!?!?  Who knows! Once the credits come up after a movie you just turn it off as quick as you can and don't bother reading anything because at that point you need a to put your fist through a wall before you explode! Also you  know more advertsing will pop up on the screen so fuck that shit! Rewind the fucker and get it back to the video store as quick as you can! Anyways...the movie... A bunch of people are making a B Zombie Horror movie in an old run down  biological warehouse of some sort. They come across this old coffin in the basement which has a switch on it. They turn it on and it opens up a door to the land of the living dead andthey start pouring out and attacking the movie crew.  The main zombie guy created the coffin when he was trying to bring his wife back to life but ended up dead and trapped in zombie land himself. There are some pretty cool deaths and gore in this movie. I would recommend it based on that alone.  The story is pretty tacky but hey this is we are talking about. It wouldn't make sense having a  good story! Watch for their zombie toys to hit stores just in time for Christmas! Fuck I hope not! So forward  the first 20 minutes and turn it off as soon as you see the closing credits come up! Screw the advertising!

Henry's Comments

 "The fat assed zombie is a pretty cool guy."