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Deadly Dreams - Well this movie started off good and looked like it was going to be several times during it's duration but it ended up being a big piece of velveta! Starts off with this kid(Alex) and his mom and dad on xmas eve...this guy(Perkins) who was put out of business by Alex's dad comes by and shoots Alex's mom and dad in front of him...10 years later Alex is having horrible nightmares about the killings and he keeps seeing Perkins everywhere he goes wearing a deer mask that he wore when he killed his parents. Ok so it turns out that the girl Alex is dating is also the daughter of perkins and she is trying to drive him and his brother crazy to avenge her father's business lose...because Alex and his brother still own the compnay...confused??? This movie was very boring and everytime something cool was starting to happen Alex would wake up and say that cute little line..."It was only a dream..." All this movie was missing was Toto and the Tin Man was Christ's sake! The only good part of the movie was Alex's girlfriend...very hot red head...purrrrr.