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Deadly Invasion - Oh great anpther bug movie. This time it is killer bees. I made the mistake of renting this and then realizing it was actually a TV movie starring Robery Hays from Airplane. So since it was a TV movie you know nothing remotely good is going to happen. No gore, no nudity, no pointless sex scenes. They are in Texas and the almighty killer bee is rolling into town. No one dies in this movie directly from the bees except for a cop at the first. The lame actors in this movie all get stung about 500 times each and no one seems to die or get injured except for a little girl who is allergic to bee stings...well after 500 stings I would hope someone would get sick! Gotta love these made for TV movies...they star washed up actors on welfare and always have these big plot ideas but a very small budget. To sum up...don't rent this!