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Deep Blue Sea

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



I must admit for the first part of the movie I thought it was one of those really fancy videos by Puff Daddy and the Family until I realized that the actors were actually  Samuel Jackson and LL Cool J and not Puff Daddy and Mase. Mo money mo problems bitches! Awwww  yeah, werd Puffy... Uh huh uh huh awww yeah uh huh uh huh yo dig it Mase. Anyways to the movie!  Very solid summer box office hit! The 3 smart sharks kick ass! Action Jackson had the best scene in the movie by far. He's trying to hype up everyone in the movie so they can survive and he gets eaten unexpectedly by one  of the sharks. Basically for the whole movie everyone is trapped inside this super duper aquatic research lab trying to escape from and kill off the smart sharks. LL Cool J was awesome  in the movie. He didn't die in H2O and he is spared in this movie as well. He looked like he  was toast a couple of times but he pulled through. I wouldn't have added this movie infact if it wasn't  for LL Cool J. He made the movie fun to watch. The shark thing was getting old but ole LL  kept it all fresh y' know what I'm sayin'! Damn! Oh and damn girl...take of that swimming suit and  go after that shark half nude and wet! Awwwww yeah! Double D...Double Damn!!! Check this one out  hommies!

Henry's Comments

 "The sharks just couldn't keep LL down. Momma said knock you out! I'd make him my bitch!"