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Do yourself a favor and avoid this movie at all costs! Don't let the big boobed  woman with the knife on the front of the box lure you in! Yes she may have big boobs but only get to see them once and it's during a 4 guy on her gang bang rape. If that sort of thing turns your crank then you should be handed over to the RCMP anyway! Ok so to the story..haha! The movie  begins with the big breasted babe at her horse stable and all of a sudden she is gang raped by 4 guys. Next thing you know she is being released from the mental hospital to return home to her husband who is a doctor. While she was in the hospital her husband has gotten a mistress and he is never home so the woman basically stays in the house and is extremely paranoid that she  is going to be raped again! So after an hour of total boredom things start to happen. These  4 guys with weird masks on break into the ladies house and are trying to rape her like she was before. One of the guys breaks into her bedroom but all of sudden she starts pretending she is horny  and invites the guy on her bed. He gets on and next thing you know he has a meat cleaver in his neck! The woman is laughing and is totally losing her mind. She then goes downstairs and  finds the next guy. She starts to seduce him as well and ends up castrating him...ouch! The third guy is killed with the meat cleaver and finally the fourth guy is tied up and shot. At the end of the movie the woman's unfaithful husband arrives back from a bang with his tart  and as he walks into the bedroom and sees the dead man on his bed the woman jumps from behind and has the cleaver in her hand. The movie ends just like that...did the woman kill her  husband with the cleaver? Does anyone give a sweet fuck? Fuck not me! That was the longest 92 minutes I've been through since I seen James Coburn's Beating the Slot Machines on late night TV!  The only demented thing about this movie was the fact that it only showed titty during the rape scene and didnt show any tasteful titty any other time during the movie!

Henry's Comments

 "2 thumbs up on the demented woman's tits. But nothing but a cock tease."