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Wow what a dumb but entertaing movie! If you like 80s hair metal and goobs(like my new word?) of gore then check  this out! At the first of the movie some guy dressed up in a costume hands people free tickets to a movie.  The movie turns out to be a movie about demons and everyone watching it becomes trapped  in the theater and the movie becomes real. Very dumb movie concept but the bad acting and 'goobs' of gore had me glued to the TV screen. This movie may have been more gorier then 'Dead-Alive'! If this movie had a budget of 100,000 dollars then 99,999 of it went to fake blood and guts! The remaining dollar was spent on getting songs for the sountrack! Saxon, Accept...all the fist pounding bands that really sucked! Put on some acid washed levis, a headband and tie a scarf around your arm and pop this movie in! Everyone just gets killed by demons in a theater! Once they are killed they turn into demons...etc and etc. At the end a few make it out of the  theater alive but they soon realize that the whole city is being over taken by demons! They take off in a jeep with a few other people and head off to start a new life. Such a deep story.

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