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The Dentist - What a horrible movie! This is a classic for anyone interested in some cheese.  We have a screwed up dentist who thinks that his wife is cheating on him with the Pool Man and also everytime he looks at people he sees them with rotten teeth and then he wants to kill them for not taking care of their teeth?!?! Sounds good don't it? Ok so anyway he keeps seeing visions of his wife blowing the Pool Man so he rips her teeth out and cuts off her tongue, then leaves her outside the pool and the Pool Man comes up to hear and  sees her all mangled in the face...then the dentist comes out and slashes Mr Pool Man up. Ok  then it gets really dumb he starts killing his patients and hurting them in the dental chair. The police end up at his house because they are investigating a dog murder which the dentist did earlier and anyway they find his wife and the Pool Man and they  soon rush to his dentist office to kick some dentist ass. God this movie was dumb! Some classic horror nuity scenes, HORRIBLE acting and plot!!! 2 thumbs up...up the directors ass!