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The Dentist 2 - Ok it is May 18, 1999 and we all know what review you have been waiting for!  Forget about Star Wars Episode 1!!! Damn the Dentist 2 is all that and more...yeah whatever!  Don't watch this unless you have seen the original. You won't appreciate it how crappy it really is :) The movie starts off with the killer dentist from the first film inside a looney bin. He escapes(of course) and drives off to a small town. When he is there his tooth cap falls out and of course he then  needs to see a dentist to get it fixed. While he is waiting for his appointment he finds a dental gown and throws it on. He starts having dreams about him being a dentist again and actually tries to wait on a patient while he is waiting. The real dentist finds him and gets after him  for messing with his patient. When it comes time for him to get his cap fill back in he gives the  dentist(not the killer one) a hard time and tells him he doesn't know what he is doing. His cap ends up falling out so he goes back and kills the dentist by scaring him and making him fall down some stairs. Ok so now that the ONLY dentist in town is dead they are in desparate need for a new one. The killer  dentist decides to take over the job after he successfully fixes a friend's tooth! He then runs outside and shouts "I did it! I'm a dentist! The best dentist there ever was!"...good line... Oscar material! Alright so the dentist is back in the office and ready to kill! One of his first victims was  none other then Clint Howard(Ice Cream Man)...God this guy has appeared in more cheesy movies then Shaq! Oh and of course the Dentist has a love interest again in this movie. She has a good friend who claims that he loves her so  the Dentist is wild with jealousy! The Dentist ends up killing him with an axe! Yeah and dental tools!  In the end the Dentist's wife from the first movie shows up and tried to kill him...she tracked him  down after he escaped the looney bin. She ends up getting knocked out by the Dentist's new love interest by mistake. The Dentist then tries to attack his new girl friend but she starts shooting him with a nail gun!  All of a sudden a whole bunch of people come over to throw the Dentist a welcome party and he walks through the crowd  with nails all over his body. He then takes off in his truck laughing at the pain from the nails and the movie  ends! Sounds good eh? Fight the power everyone! Watch the Dentist 2 instead of Star Wars Episode 1 :)