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Don't Mess With My Sister - Warning: DO NOT RENT! This movie was in the horror section  of my local video store and even had the little green horror sticker on it but it was hard to tell what it was after watching it...actually I will be honest...I never made it all the way through. I was over an hour of the  way in and nothing horrific happened so that was it! Not even any nuidty or bad acting. It has to at least have some booty and bad acting if I want to finish watching it. My hands were tied!  The movie was just about some dude who was married but had the hots for this belly dancer who he met at a bachelor party. He saves her from some guy that is trying to rape her and then they sleep together. Then I turned it off... It just didn't make any sense or appear that it  was going to be a horror movie. This was like Monday night TV movie on CBC! If you don't  know what the CBC is count your blessings :) All I can say is that they show Adventures in Babysitting in their movie rotation, along with Uncle Buck. Anyway 'Don't Mess With My Sister' really sucked! Hmmmm now that I think about it not even the title makes sense...who's sister? I guess it must have explained that  in the remaining 30 minutes after I turned it off?!!?