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Dracula 2000(2000)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



 Wow I am impressed! I had very low expectations when I popped this DVD in but it sure did surprise me! This is easily the best  attempt of a movie based on the character Dracula that I have ever seen.  It has a good story, lots of gore, chicks(including Vitamin C!), fast pace,  incredible effects and some good acting.

 A group of robbers break into a vault where they think  riches are to be found but instead they only find skulls, religious symbols and  a coffin! Thinking that there must be valuables in the coffin they steal it, board it on a  plane and take off. Little do they know that Dracula is in the coffin and he is very much alive  and thirsty for blood. He was placed in the coffin for it to act as a holding cell for his immortal spirit. Once he is released he begins a rampage to  get revenge on the man who trapped him in the coffin by going after his daughter  who he shares DNA with. How do they share the same blood? Well the guy who trapped Dracula  in the coffin injected himself with his blood in order to study him and then... well he knocked up his wife and had a child... pretty simple!

 This is what End of Days, Bless the Child and Stigmata should have been! All four movies have a similar theme where an evil Entity(Dracula, the Devil...etc) is chasing after a 'regular' person for revenge or to end the world  but only Dracula 2000 pulls it off so that it's cool!

 The movie is done very well. It has a matrix sort of feel and it never slows down during it's 90 minute run time. I highly recommend checking out the DVD! Tons of extras! Including actual auditions for parts in the film, deleted scenes, extra scenes and much much more.

 Other highlights include the babes in the movie(including Vitamin C) and the score! Killer  soundtrack! Crank it up!

Henry's  Comments

  "Vitamin C put a 'Smile on my face' now lets make the world a better place!"

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Name: Jack Skellington
Rating: 1 Lobster
Review: HORRIBLE VAMPIRE MOVIE. HORRIBLE MOVIE IN GENERAL. with bad acting al around, a not very scary dracula, and stupid dialogue, this was one waste of an hour and a half. trying to "update" the dracula story for the "new generation" or whatever did not work. it came off as pretentious and boring. and the "twist" ending was NOT very twisty. in fact, have to say that it sucked. what the hell does jesus have to do with dracula....ill tell you what.....NOTHING. AVOID