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End of Days

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Why did I expect this movie to be different then any other Arnie movie? The TV commercial really sucked me in to this! While watching the ads I forgot that Arnie probably was going to try and act in this! Basically this movie had too much acting and story development and not  enough violence! Don't get me was pretty violent and had some decent effects  but everytime arnie opened his mouth I had to try and control my laughter. The man can not swear! He attempted to say 'FUCK' 5 or 6 times and it came out as 'FEWK' or 'FAWK'. MY biggest beef with the movie was the ending. Just for once I wanted to see evil prevail and the world end! Is there  anything wrong with wanting change? Instead Arnie 'fawks' that up and saves the day!!! He's trying to protect  'the chosen girl' who is suppose to get banged by the devil and then the world is suppose to end in some sort of way. Anyway towards the end Arnie's body is taken over by the devil and just as he is about to lube up and enter into the depths of the chosen girl he fights the evil spirit within him and kills himself..... Truly disappointing! Arnie did raise a good  question...if the world ends on Jan 1st will it end during Eastern time?!?!? Who wrote this shit?!  Who is responsible for warping everyone's mind in TV land and bringing us to watch such a  piece of shit? Myself, I was suckered in by the soundtrack and the fact that Guns N Roses actually had a new song on it... Now if Axl was in the movie it would have kicked ass :)  Well maybe not...he'd probably save the girl from the Devil and then ride off on the back of a dolphin wearing his custome made converse sneakers... Religious based thrillers always end up  sucking in some sort of way...

Henry's Comments

 "A shitty movie of biblical proportions..."