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Epitah - Anyone else ever come across this movie? Did you get through it? Wow I think I deserve a gold metal for watching this movie all the way through! It took me 4 or 5 tires to finish it but I never gave up! Talk about courage, talk about about stupid! You honestly can't get much worse then this...the acting was so bad I had to check the box over and make sure Steven Segal wasn't in it! It's all about this woman and her family(her husband, her daughter and her mother)...they like move into this place and the woman is an ex rape victim and she is being hunted down by the guy who raped her. Anyway the woman for some reason flirts with a painter, kills him and says she did it because he was flirting with her...she's like all messed up because she was raped I guess. Ok so she has liked killed many guys since her rape and she always gets her husband to bury them... The husband goes out to get rid of the painter's body when all of a sudden the raper guy comes and kills him...?!?! Just do yourself a favor and don't ever watch this movie. The thing I don't get is who would rape the woman in this movie in the first place? Yuck, I'd rather wake up with the fat Wilson Phillips chick then touch her!