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Erotic Nights of the Living Dead aka Sexy Nights of the Living Dead

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Iíve seen it all now.  Usually when you hear about a dirty horror movie, itís normally just a bit of softcore smut with some really horrible horror or therefor lack of.  In ths case of this movie, itís pure XXX Hardcore Power Filth!!! Iíve seen alot of porn in my days and this folks is right up there with anything I have ever seen. And oh yeah, itís also a zombie movie.  Iím not talking about zombies having sex, get that thought out of your perverted minds! Iím talking about a developer playboy who opens this movie by inviting 2 girls into the shower with him, at first we see some boobs, then for the love of life we see some sausage, some helping hands, mouths, penetration and a money shot!!!  Sweet jesus!  After he is done with these two whores he goes into the lobby of his hotel and a skank in the next room introduces herself and says she will be right over?!?!  Iím like... WTF?!?!? Then they go at it! 

Ok so after he bangs a few chicks, the purpose of the movie is slowly revealed.  He wants to go to a local island called Cat Island so he can begin landscaping and developing some buildings on the uninhibited island. When he is going to do this contruction I have no idea since he is always busy busting a nut but whatever! He finds a local boat captain to take him and the ho from the hotel to the island for some surveying. Before they depart, we see the Sea Captain get down with a hot chick who can open liquor bottles with her vagina(and yeah we get to see it, where the cork went iím not quite sure!!?) then on the boat trip we see a shitload as well.  Basically the movie is wall to wall smut...  continuing on... Once they get to Cat Island, we are treated to an unlucky black cat(due to th name of the island it appears), and a couple spooky people who tell them to go away and that they want to be left alone on the island with the dead.  So after a bit more sex, zombies rise up from their graves on the island and go after the cast. The zombies are actually pretty cool looking and we do get a tad of good gore. Not as good as they porn but it will have to do. 

Iíd type more but iím enjoying a cigerette.  Hilarious... you can actually rent and buy this from even Ďfamilyí video stores.  See the box above... even Amazon has it!!!

Henry's Comments

 "This is the movie you wish you had rented when you werenít old enough to go into the Porno Room at the video store."