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Evil Dead(1982)

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Is there a better low budget horror movie out there? I think not!  The first Evil Dead movie is probably the first 'gore' movie I had the pleasure of ever viewing. It blew my socks off!

A group of friends(Ash, Linda, Cheryl, Scotty and Shelly) venture deep into the woods to a secluded  cabin in the woods. They accidently release some evil spirits by playing back a tape recorder found in the cabin, which contains translated passages from the Book of the Dead, and the fun begins! Hang on for  80 odd minutes of the craziest, most off the wall horror you have ever seen!

I don't think I've ever heard anyone bitch about this movie. It may not have great acting or even good special effects but the plot is so original and intense that you can't help but love it! The filming is amazing! When you watch it you feel as if you need to watch your back the whole time because you don't know what will be around the next corner or who will become the next possessed demon! Right up until the end you don't  know what to expect and when it does end you leaves you hanging big time! Sam Raimi created a master piece! If you love tons of cheesy gore you MUST check this out. No CGI here! Some of the scenes are darn right scary  and disturbing. The 'tree rape' scene alone is worth the price of rental. Also note worthy is the pencil in the ankle scene. I squirm everytime I think about it.

Oh and let's not forget that this is one of Bruce Campbell's first movies. I wonder if he had any idea what a Cult Classic this would become and that it would be a top seller at Walmart every Halloween!

There's not much else you can say about Evil Dead. It's a great horror flick that every horror fan should see at least 12 times over his/her life time... haha! I'm up to at least 8 times!

Henry's Comments

 "Tree rape... I can't say anything without offending anyone!"

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