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Evil Dead 2(1987)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"Kiss Your Nerves Good-Bye"

Bruce Campbell is back as Ash in the second installment of the Evil Dead series! Ash decides to take his girl friend Linda to a cabin deep in the woods for a bit of a getaway.  I guess the punishment from the first Evil Dead wasn't enough for Ash! Anyway... Upon their arrival Ash discovers a tape recorder in the cabin and when he hits the play button,  ancient passages are spoken that releases an evil that lurks in the woods surrounding the cabin. Right from the get go this movie is crazy! Ash fights off the possessed Linda for a good 20 minutes and then encounters nothing but more problems from his hand that ends up possessed.  Eventually a few more characters are introduced into the movie. The daughter of the Man who  owns the cabin(the guy who recorded the passages from the Book of the Dead) is on her way for a visit. She is bringing him the believed missing passages from the book. Her and another man, along with a couple of red necks who are helping them find their way, end up  at the cabin just as Ash finished up a confrontation with his own possessed hand. Turns out that  in order to send the evil back to where it came from, the missing pages of the Book of the Dead must be recited. No problem at all! Well until all hell breaks loose within the cabin among the Red Necks, Ash and of course the demons in the cellar! Hang on to your seat and enjoy the ride! A ride that takes you from the woods in modern time and ends up in ancient times  with everyone's favorite crusader against evil demons!

Man I don't know what to say about Evil Dead 2 except for that it rocks! It's pure insaneness of the highest degree from start to finish! Bruce Campbell  is the most underrated actor I have ever seen. His performance is Evil Dead 2 is amazing. No one could have pulled the part off as Ash any better.

If you're looking for the red stuff... or green stuff you have come to the right place.  Evil Dead 2 spares no cost when it comes to blood and spewing bodily fluids. Overall  it's extremely violent yet the body count you could say is pretty low. It doesn't matter though. Watching Ash get beaten on for 90 minutes is quite enough!

Sam Raimi did one hell of a job with Evil Dead 2. I really liked the way the movie was shot. One word could sum it up. Chaotic!

Overall this is a very solid sequel to the original Evil Dead. Although it's not nearly as dark and gloomy as the first movie it gets the job done with a mix of horror and dark comedy. It is also followed  by another Evil Dead movie which is even more out in left field.  Instead of calling it Evil Dead 3 though it was called  Army of Darkness and it picks up right where Evil Dead 2 leaves off. All three movies are  a must see for any horror fan.

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