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Fear Dot Com(2002)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"Want to see a really killer website? It's the last site you'll ever see!"

I had to wait awhile before posting this review. I needed a few days to absorb and think. After leaving the theatre  I didn't think it was that bad but after taking a bit of time to unwind and pick it apart it turns out that I think Feardotcom was a total peice of shit! Just read the tagline above!!! Killer website movie. We've been here before and it wasn't pretty! For anyone who has seen "Horrorvision" you know what I'm talking about. Not that Feardotcom was a Horrorvision  rip-off but the idea of having a website that kills people is extremely silly.

After viewing a website(, the viewer is asked if they want to play the game(Where's Triple H?) and  basically have 48 hours to live unless they can find a specific killer who murdered a certain girl who now hanuts people online with the website. If the 48 hours is exceeded the user is killed with their worst fear. Just like the girl haunting the website was. After a few people are killed and the police find out they all had one thing in common(they visited the website), it's up to Officer Mike Reilly(Stephen Dorff) and his assistant Terry Houston to solve the mystery of the website and arrest whoever is behind the killings.

The movie had a few scares and lots of fucked up imagery but overal there is not much here. What pissed me off the most is that the movie totallt did rip-off "Ring"!!! A great horror flick from Japan which is now being remade and comes out this fall sometime as an American take of the story. In other words expect it to suck! You really need to watch the  original Ring and then watch Feardotcom to tell how it was ripped-off! One of the scenes is pretty much identical!

Feardotcom may be worthy as a 99 cent rental someday! It's certainly not worthy of paying 9-10 bucks to see at a theatre!  Maybe if they developed the characters a bit better, especially Dorff's, and didn't use the website so much it could have been better. I want to know who was maintaining that site! Jesus! Looked like they would need at least 20 people to keep that puppy running!  The way Dorff kills the murderer in the end was very awful! I could go on a rant but don't want to give the ending away haha. GO watch it if you must!

Henry's Comments

 "I'd rather visit Milf Hunter and then be given 48 hours to live! What a way to go!"