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Final Destination

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



The trailer made this movie look very promising! Kick ass airplane disaster scene in the beginning but it's all down hill from there! A bunch of high school students are about to go on a field trip to Paris via an airplane but when one of the students foresees the plane exploding. He flips out and causes himself and a few of his classmates to get kicked off the flight. The plane does ends up blowing up after take off and then everyone who got off the plane  before take off start getting knocked off one by one. Who's killing them? I have no idea! Death is killing them... Can that be?  Since they all got off the plane before it exploded they cheated death and shouldn't be alive at all! So 'death' gets offended by this and takes matters into it's own hands.

I personally thought the plot was stupid. The idea that 'death' has a plan for every single person from birth and if they somehow cheat the plan then 'death' comes and does the job itself. The killing scenes were very decent, tons of gore, although some of the scenes went on for way too long!!!  I didn't find it suspenseful at all, I was more damn impatient!!! Like hurry up and kill the bitch! It felt like the movie  really painted itself into a corner had no direction towards the end. You know the teens are marked for death by 'death' and it doesn't make any sense that they will ever escape it! And don't get me started on the sub plot...there's  a couple of FBI agents investagating the airplane crash and the teen murders since they both invlove all the same people. Just awful!!! The very end of the movie sucked as well!!! Didn't see that coming!!!

I give the movie 2 lobsters for the opening airplane crash scene and it's plentiful gore!  By the end of the movie my fist's 'final destination' wanted to be through the TV screen!

Henry's Comments

 "I wish they all stayed on the plane!"