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Flesh Eating Mothers(1989)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



Another one of those 'let's trick everyone into renting this by placing a hot chick on the cover' videos! This may have been a good flick if the chick on the box was in it but alas...

Unfaithful husband sleeps with and spreads a disease to a bunch of woman in a small town.  The disease turns them into flesh thirsty zombies who eat everyone in their way! Don't let the title fool ya! Not only the Mothers are in on the eating!

Flesh Eating Mothers is brainless! It could have been a fun little campy horror flick but it just ended up being awful and almost unbareable to watch.  Main reason is the acting. One scene a girl comes home and finds her mother eating her baby.  The next scene the girl is talking with one of her friends and almost forgets what her mother just did, well until her friend mentions that his mother just tried to eat him. Yes it's this bad!

What is up with the character names? Who would name their son Rinaldi!?!?! Only a  mother could love a son with that name... love him so much she'd want to eat him!

Henry's Comments

 "I prefered Flesh Licking Sluts. Three thumbs up!"