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The Fly 2

The Fly 2(1989)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


"Like Father Like Son"

     Hmmm well if that like father like son thing was correct, this would have been a much better movie. The Fly 2 proves that in fact most sequels suck ass. I shouldnít say this movie sucks but compared to itís predacessor it sure does.

Whatís missing?  Well a story that anyone would find interesting or care about.  Itís just a simple story of the son of the Fly, who is born in the beginning of movie. In the first installment, Veronica wants an abortion.  She must have run into some protestors because well she didnít and has given birth to the Son of the Fly and named him Martin Rundle. Weíre introduced to a bunch of random medical characters who are constantly watching and studying Martin as he is growing at an alarming rate.  This is due to the fact that his human state is a stage in his development towards becoming a fly like his dad. There is a lead Medical Scientist named Bartok, who has taken the telepods developed by Seth Rundle, and hopes to perfect them by having Martin work with him.

So yeah, Bartok wants the Telepod Transporter stuff perfcted and he also seems to want to have Martin turn into a fly and contained so he can study him.  Iím not sure how the 2 are really connected but anyway! Makes for a movie script a guess.  That is where the movie really falls apart. I donít understand what it was about.  First itís about the telepods and then about Martin turning into the Fly.  Isnít the point of the telepods to transport matter.  Not to continue to turn people into flies!!!  The telepods are there again in the end but only to wrap up the hole stricken plot and to send everyone home in the theatre happy.

And oh yeah, Martin meets a girl during the movie and dates her during his transformation period from human into a fly.  Thatís just super.  Iíd say more but thatís all there was to their relationship... nothing!

Ok so how the hell did I give this movie 2 and a half lobsters?  Well it has earned this rating based on what I havenít mentioned yet! That being the fantastic gore!!! We have a mutated dog attack, tons of fly vomit melting limbs and even a kick ass head crushing at the hands of an elevator. It doensít disappoint in the violence department.  Maybe worth a rent just for that alone. Check the .99 cent bin!!!

Henry's Comments

 "Why is it that all 80s movies have computers that answer and ask questions?  My fucking VIC20 never did that!

>Hello Henry

<10 print ďGo fuck yourselfĒ; 20 goto 10; run"