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The Fly

The Fly(1986)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :


"Half Man, Half Insect... Total Terror!!!"

     Where was my head?!?! How did I forget about this 1986 Master Piece??? Almost 20 years later, here I am fucking floored by the Fly! What does that say about horror these days?  That it sucks(and thank goodness as this site would not exist without the shit Hollywood produces on a ‘regular’ basis)!  I mean come on, 19 years later and the story, the acting and the gore is top notch. And I mean some fucking off the chain kick ass fucking gorey gore!  There was a couple of times where it caught me off guard and almost regergitated some Kraft Dinner.  Jeff Goldblum has also earned my respect, looks like I can finally forgive him for Cats and Dogs. Had so much potential...

Seth Brundle, a brilliant scientist, has created the world’s first matter transporter. He can transport non-organic objects from Point A to Point B(His Telepods). Organic things on the other hand still needs some work.  Seth convinces a reporter, Veronica(Played by the 80’s hotties Geena Davis), to work along with him and record his work and he strides towards transporting organic beings from one Telepod to another.

After trying to send a Baboon from one Pod to another, with disgusting results, Seth and Veronic brainstorm the problem. Seth goes off on some sort of biological rant with his cmputer and here we go. We’re fucking sending Baboon’s from Telepod 1 to Telepod 2.  And in one piece!

Seth soon realizes that Veronica’s Ex is the head of a magizine company where she works and wants to prematurely publish Seth’s transporter findings. Thinking that she still has feelings for him, Seth gets drunk with his Baboon, puts himself into the Telepod mistakely with a fly and transports himself. Turns out that the Telepod, instead of sending both Seth and the Fly, decided to fusion them together and now Seth is slowly turning into a Fly himself and man it’s disgustingly awesome.

The rest of the movie concentrates on Veronica realizing she is pregnant with Seth’s(the post transported) ‘baby’.  As Seth is loosing his human attributes, Veronica and her Ex are trying to get her an abortion before it’s too late.  Once Seth learns of their plot, he is all over them like a fly on dog shit.

The thing that really got me about the movie is the very human ending with Seth as a complete fly. Not to give it away but by the end of the movie you really feel for the bugger. So with that being said, put away the Swatter and Raid.  Go and check this out if you haven’t seen it already and if you have many years ago, go get it again!

Henry's Comments

 "What can I say, I’m a sucker for watching things get mutilated.  If I was working for Hustler, this flick would receive the coveted Full Erection Rating."