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Food of the Gods - Well it's not pizza that's for sure. This movie is from 1976  and it's special effects aren't so special. There is a special food that grows out of the ground on some  island that can make animals and insects grow to much larger sizes. A group of football jocks come to the island and one of them is stung to death by a dog sized wasp. The wasp looked like a stuffed animal and I relly had to contain myself from laughing out loud...anyway... A couple of the football guys come back to the island to investagate and they find the house where the food of the  gods is growing. He finds out about it right after he is attacked by a 10 foot plastic chicken! I was shaking in my looked like that baseball Chicken Guy masscott. Ok so some new characters come  into the movie and it ends up being all the humans trapped in the house with hundreds of giant rats outside wanting to eat them. The football guy breaks the nearby damn open and it drowns all  the rats because they are now to big to swim. The special effects made this movie...the giant rat scenes were pretty funny...espcially when it shows real rats up close and they are climbing all over toy houses and cars. The movie ends with a bottle of the food of the gods floating away in the water and ends up in a stream with cows drinking it. Well now I will have to rent part 2  and hopefully get to see some giant cows squashing people. Hey that movie was already made!  It was my last girlfriend at the mall during Christmas when she sat on Santa's knee! Ho ho i'm not talking to you dear.