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The Forsaken(2001)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"The night... has an appetite"

Well I can honestly say that I didn't hate this movie as much as I thought I would before I saw it.  After seeing the movie trailer last Winter/Spring, I thought for sure that the Forsaken would be down right awful but I was 'sort' of wrong.

A movie trailer cutter named Sean takes a week off work and is off to Florida for his sister's wedding and to  drop off a classic model car. He leaves LA and starts his trip but ends up picking up a drifter hitch hiker along  the way and well you can guess that his trip doesn't go as planned from this point forward. The Hitch Hiker, Nick,  ends up being a vampire hunter(Blade rip off anyone?) who is hunting down a group of vampires who are spreading  their vampire disease around. Once Sean and Nick come across a young lady who has been bitten by one of the vampires, Nick uses her as a telepathic device to lure the vampires to him. Apparently the vampires, the Forsaken, have telepathy powers with themseleves and anyone they may bite and spread their virus to. Whoops, Nick ends up being bitten  by the young infected lady and now they must find and destroy the Forsaken before they turn into Vampires  themseleves. Only way to stop the Forsaken is too have them killed on Sacred ground. So at the end of the movie they all end up at some old ladies house which jyst happens to be on top of a grave yard. How convient... blah!

For a movie that sucked so bad I couldn't help but enjoy watching it. It must have been the violence, gore and the heavy hitting music that appealed to me. And oh did I mention that is has tons of titty shots! But there was nothing original with the Forsaken. It felt to me, alot like Blade and even the godd awful HorrorVision. The Forsaken ends with Sean finding Nick once again and they decide  to cruise the country kicking Vampire ass. Talk about dumb. What ever happened to Sean's sister's wedding?  Is hunting vapires more important? Well I guess that depends on how much he likes his sister.

This one could go either way. I personally thought it was watchable and mildly entertaining  but others I have heard hated this more than liver and peas with a glass of prune juice. If you're just looking for a loud, very violent movie witha lot of tits I woulld have to recommend it!

Henry's Comments

 "I liked it better when it was called Blade!"