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Friday the 13th

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This is where it all began. Who knew then what a joke this would become and how  many shitty movies would be in this series? Horny teens working a camp ground on Crystal Lake,  a demented mother is trying to get revenge for her son's(Jason himself) death. The camp counselors  were fucking their brains out while her son Jason drowned in the lake. Well that's really too bad. I'm sure he was a nice kid and stuff but hey shit happens. Anyway the counselors all start  getting knocked off one by one of course and it's kind of cool because you aren't always sure who is doing it.  Near the end after a challenging game of strip monopoly between some counselors we find out that  Jason's mom is doing the killing and she is about to slash up her final victims. Her plan back fires though and the female counselor grabs a knife and cuts her head off as she runs towards her. Next thing you know the  bibmo that killed Jason's mom is out in a canoe in the lake and this greenish little boy comes up from  below the water and pulls her under. Just who was this greenish little boy? Was it the Jolly Green  Giant as a youngster or maybe it was the Alien from the Alien Optopsy? No one knows...What secrets will Friday the 13th Part 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 reveal????????? Did I miss any sequels there?

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 "Everyday is bad luck when you run into me"

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