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Jason X aka Friday the 13th Part 10(2002)

Rating out of 5 possible lobsters :



"Evil Gets An Upgrade"

"Oh Jesus"... That is what I said when I heard there was another Friday the 13th movie on the way. When I found out Jason was in space for the 10th installment I nearly fainted in disbelief! How much more silly can this series get? I know he's done it all already but you never never never send the killer into space!

I'm very glad I watched this without seeing the trailer first. I managed to get my hands on a VCD copy, this now being 1 month before it's April 26th Theatre Release.  I ended up seeing the trailer just after I watched it and let's just say it gives it all away and should scare more people away from watching it then it will attract...

Jason and a not so lucky female end up frozen and thawed out in the year 2454 aboard a space ship that is on it's way to "Earth 2". Earth 1 is dead and hockey is outlawed! Sweet Jesus! I take it there's no Canada on Earth 2!

Anyway after Jason is thawed out he goes on a killing spree and we get plenty of wicked murder scenes. Well  The VCD I saw had them anyway... Interesting to see how tame the Theatre Rated R version is.

Basically Jason X follows your typical Friday Movie minus the fact everyone is in space. Jason runs around,  kills people... etc and etc. It appears he meets his match at one point but thanks to a Regeneration Machine aboard  the spaceship, a beaten up Jason is turned into fucking Robo-Jason and then the movie goes from bad to down right awful! Remember how I mentioned the trailer? Well it shows the new and improved Robo-Jason and let's just say if I did see that I wouldn't have even watched it.

Check this one out for some very cool killings. Don't watch it for the acting(All Canadian actors who had  appearances on Jonovision to their acting credits... If you never heard of Jonovision consider yourself blessed. Canadian Broadcasting Garbage!) or for the story. This is easily the silliest Friday movie yet. The ending just tops this baby off.  Flaming Robo-Jason ends up falling into a lake on Earth 2 as a couple looks on... I'll leave it there... *shaking head*

Henry's Comments

 "David Croneberg cameo and robotic girls tits were the highlights for me."